General Liberal Arts Degree

General Liberal Arts majors are students who seek careers that do not fit into a single major. Instead of taking 45 hours in a single major, a GLA major takes 12 hours of upper division classes (3000/4000 level) in three different disciplines. At least two of the three disciplines have to be in the College of Arts & Sciences. A GLA major is not intended for students who are undeclared majors or whose college careers are represented by an accumulation of unrelated courses.

For a list of Arts & Sciences departments click here.

Requirements: GLA majors must have a 2.0 GPA at MSU.

Options: GLA majors can chose from two options.

Option 1: Develop your own plan of study. Select courses from three different disciplines to create a consistent plan of study.

Option 2: Chose from one of the plans of study listed on the left.